Textile print design

Since 2010, Katana Graphic has specialized in designing unique artworks and patterns for a number of fashion brands.

Textile print design


Since 2010, Katana Graphic is specialized in developing original artworks, repeat patterns, technical drawings, design sheets and instructions for textile printing in womens-, mens- & kids wear, board sport, private label and young fashion. Just about any look quality & hand-feel can be incorporated in the artworks.


We work collegially with the designers and help you getting the juiciest artworks usually based on the collection themes. See our lookbooks here. We have seen millions of t-shirts the last ten years and we know 99% of the do's and dont's in commercial print design and production.


Designer and founder Kare Koester is experienced in a variety of techniques within hand-drawing and graphic design — always focusing on an individual look and feel to the artworks. Passion for the detail, a bold mix of minimalism, modern art and contemporary art plus the wildness of nature are factors that inspire our work.


We also offer a range of production-ready artworks in our webshop. Each artwork is sold as a unique piece -first come first served- including buyout rights. Clients are required to sign in or request access to the shop.


Currently, Katana Graphic offers a 20% discount on first textile print artwork orders of up to 10 individual artworks. This attractive offer is valid until April 1, 2021. Make a great deal for your next collection artworks — contact Katana Graphic today >

What you get

  • Professional artwork supply — when you need it
  • Buyout rights included
  • Creative sparring partner with more than 10 years of fashion experience
  • Access to 500+ available artworks in our online shop
  • -20% introduction first-order discount
  • Add-on: tech packs (print instructions and/or design sheets)


Marc O'Polo

Broadway NYC Fashion

Only & Sons

Brooklyn's Own by Rocawear