Logo design

Logo design is one of our absolute core services. Katana Graphic takes action when a high-quality solution is required - also when time is a decisive factor.

The right logo

Katana Graphic has more than 10 years experience in durable logos and corporate designs for all sizes of businesses and projects. We guide you through difficult decision taking on corporate title, logotype, icons and more. Most often we supply the corporate design manual too. These corporate guidelines reflect how your company's visual identity is applied and may include colour palettes, graphic hierarchies, fonts, and other details.

Concept and execution

A great logo is distinctive, functional and simple in form, and it conveys the company’s intended message. It should be able to be printed at any size and be effective in black and white. A great logo has the following characteristics:

  • The right shape
  • The right typography
  • The right business cues
  • The right colors
  • The right sizes
  • The right tone
  • The right trends

Katana Graphic helps you get a beautiful and well-functioning logo for your brand. One that can withstand any test. We look forward to getting started with your project. Contact us for a non-binding conversation about how we can create value, commitment and visibility for you.